logoloop®: More Effect Than You Expect

The clever endless folding card with a unique advertising effect.

So small, yet with so many possibilities: That's logoloop®, a tactile advertising medium whose message literally unfolds before the eyes of the observer. logoloop® may be sent out like any conventional mailing, but it immediately piques your curiosity as soon as you pick it up. You can fold it open, over, and over again to discover new opportunities for underscoring your advertising message.
It obviously works, but there's no telling how! Although logoloop® clearly comprises just two surfaces, it amazes and amuses with every new fold exposing four different panels in total. There's plenty of room for showcasing different aspects, several products, or even telling a short story with a guarantee for a happy ending.

The logoloop®-effect in action


Product and
Image Brochure
Promotional Tool
Mailing Booster
Invitation and
Christmas Card

The perfect shape for every purpose

Find inspiration in the logoloop® gallery

logoloop® can take on many different forms ranging from business cards to custom die-cut-shapes. This makes it the perfect choice for company logos, labels, symbols and product brochures, but that´s far from all it can do.

„Hats off to whoever had this idea“

“The logoloop looked fantastic, great quality and it has gone down like a storm!
We had a lot of positive feedback from our sales staff.”

Usha Pillai, Senior Product Manager, Colgate Palmolive Ltd, UK

logoloop Story

Die logoloop® Story

Endless Magic

The world is becoming increasingly frenetic, virtual and complex – something in which advertising is also playing a part. Visual and acoustic overload has made people tired and sceptical of and generally uninterested in advertising. Fun is now a rare commodity in marketing departments. What’s the remedy? Is there a way to put the fun back into advertising, to ensure it captivates and implicitly conveys brand values?

Coen van den Bos and Olaf Hartmann asked themselves the same questions. In seeking a solution, they discovered playful communications media and hit upon the original endlessly folding Magic Cube®. It was love at first touch and the haptic ingenuity of the endless folding action had them hooked. It was this that sparked van den Bos and Hartmann to find a way of reproducing this little piece of magic in two-dimensional and easily variable paper form. The experts however looked upon it skeptical...

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The Psychology of Unfolding

Seven reasons for logoloop®’s success


All about attention to detail

logoloop® is all about attention to detail. Experience has taught us never to underestimate the importance of even the tiniest things – they mean everything! Exceptional quality is ensured by optimising even the seemingly unimportant. This has not only caught the eye of millions of costumers, but also of various award presentation juries, thus winning for example the Innovation Prize of the German Printing Industry and the red dot Communication Design award.

logoloop Qualität Winner Logos

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logoloop Qualität

logoloop Umwelt

Everyone wins, including the environment

Ecofriendly production

logoloop® not only delights people, it also benefits the environment because it complies with the latest standards for environmental quality management (EQM 9000:2008 and ISO 14001). The production process is constantly monitored and optimised.

logoloop® is printed exclusively on FSC®-certified paper (FSC-C113296) sourced from sustainable forestry. No solvents are used; only water-based varnishes. Eco-friendly polypropylene is used to laminate the surfaces. The company produces logoloop® using solar power and an ultra-effective, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system.

Winner of the PSI Sustainability Award

logoloop® wins in the Sustainable Product category.

Along the way, the concept of sustainability must be part and parcel of the company’s profile and brand core. The award is handed out in eight categories. Pitted against big brands such as Victorinox and Faber Castell, logoloop® was named the overall winner in the Sustainable Product category.

logoloop Gewinner des PSI Sustainability Awards