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logoloop Quality


Attention to Detail
logoloop® is all about attention to detail. Experience has taught us never to underestimate the importance of even the tiniest things – they mean everything! Exceptional quality is ensured by optimising even the seemingly unimportant. In addition, while we constantly strive to ensure logoloop® has the biggest possible impact on the world of communications, we equally seek to keep its impact on the environment as light as we can. Use of sustainable raw materials and energy-efficient production processes ensure that logoloop® even manages to look after the environment.

logoloop Material


Brilliant white, extraordinary stability and 100% sustainable.
High-end materials are a prerequisite of high-end quality. That is why logoloop® is made out of two-ply 400 gsm Invercote Creato from Iggesund. Founded in 1685, today the Swedish company is one of the world’s leading paper producers. The Invercote sulphate pulp board is the top product of the Iggesund family of products. It is FSC-certified, painted matte on both sides, 100% wood-free and features a multilayered arch construction. The wood is sourced from the company’s own forests and is produced CO2-neutrally in paper mills with a waste quota of zero per cent. Uncompromising quality, 100% sustainable down to the last fibre. Its extraordinarily brilliant white combined with above-average stiffness makes Invercote Creato the perfect material for logoloop®.

logoloop Printing


145 years of experience in printing stamps and banknotes
Printing logoloop® equally leaves no room for compromises. Our partner, the company Royal Joh. Enschedé, was founded in 1703 and is one of the oldest family-run businesses in the Netherlands. The company has made an international name for itself based particularly on its superlative quality and reliability when it comes to printing bank notes and postage stamps.


Fluid folding motion – a goal on the edge of physical possibilities
Post-processing is at once crucial to and the greatest challenge involved in producing logoloop®. To create the buttery soft logoloop® folding experience, a die-cutting precision of 1.4 µm must be achieved along the entire length of every cut – and over batch sizes of 5,000 to 5 million. Ensuring this level of constancy with regard to physical tolerances requires strict control of all variables, right up to and including the degree to which paper expands due to humidity.

After two years of development work, which also involved bespoke machine modifications, we found the precision we needed for logoloop® in the Swiss company BOBST – a degree of precision that had been classed as “impossible” by all previously consulted experts.


Ecofriendly production

Everyone wins, including the environment
logoloop® isn’t just fun for its recipients, but also for the environment. Production is carried out in accordance with the highest standards for environmental quality management (EQM 9000:2008 or ISO 14001).

logoloop® is printed on FSC® paper (FSC-C016391) from sustainable forestation and its production is completely CO2-neutral. Only water-based paints are used, thus avoiding the need for solvents. Lamination of the surface is done using environmentally friendly polypropylene. Moreover, solar electricity, geothermal energy and effective state-of-the-art waste water treatment are used in its manufacture. Ask us about our FSC®-certified products.

In other words: the jury of the PSI Sustainability Award determined that this is what a sustainable winner looks like! It crowned logoloop® the 2016 winner of the Sustainable Product category.

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