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Make logoloop® one of your products for sale. Let it tell its story and find paying customers - for example as a souvenir of your holiday location, a fine greeting postcard or a souvenir from a trip.

- Still looking for design inspiration?

Click here for a collection of tips and tricks for successful storytelling with logoloop.

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Then click "Order", to receive a logoloop product sample free of charge! Or click "Design" to access templates, technical specifications, our logoloop® Design-Guide and 3-D animations in our logoloop® Create-Tool.

logoloop Format MERCHANDISING


156 mm x 156 mm
170 mm x 120 mm
210 mm x 100 mm
logoloop QUALITY


High-End Premium Paperboard: 
2 layers 400 gsm Invercote® Creato, FSC®-Paperboard (FSC-C113296), matt laminated, 100% wood-free, multilayered arch construction for exceptional stiffness.

High-End Printing: 
Our Printer, Royal Joh. Enschedé, is internationally renowned for their exceptional quality in producing banknotes and stamps.



logoloops are produced CO2-neutrally, in accordance with the highest standards for ecologically responsible quality-management, EQM 9000:2008 and ISO 14001. Our suppliers use solar electricity, geothermal energy and the latest waste-water recycling technology.


  • den Haag logoloop Galerie

    den Haag

    156 mm x 156 mm
  • logoloop Galerie Canals

    logoloop Galerie Canals

    170 mm x 120 mm ​
  • logoloop Galerie Van Gogh

    logoloop Galerie Van Gogh

    170 mm x 120 mm
  • logoloop Galerie Mills

    logoloop Galerie Mills

    170 mm x 120 mm
  • logoloop Galerie Amsterdam

    logoloop Galerie Amsterdam

    170 mm x 120 mm
  • logoloop Galerie Tulips

    logoloop Galerie Tulips

    170 mm x 120 mm

    Further logoloop® applications

    • logoloop Mailing Booster

      Mailing Booster

    • logoloop Tactile Promotional Tool

      Tactile Promotional Tool

    • logoloop Product and Image Brochure

      Product and Image Brochure

    • logoloop New-Business-Card

      NEW Business Card

    • Application Personnel Marketing

      Personnel Marketing

    • Application Merchandising


    • logoloop Invitation and Greeting Card

      Invitation and Greeting Card

    • logoloop Ad-Special


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