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About logoloop®

History, Psychology, Development & Awards
Olaf Hartmann und Coen van den Bos


logoloop® has now been conquering the world since 2009, a time in which it has delighted millions of marketing professionals and their customers. But logoloop® has equally caught the eye of various award presentation juries, thus winning the Promotional Gift Award straight after its market launch, the Innovation Prize of the German Printing Industry, the red dot Communication Design award and the PSI Sustainability Award. But for us, the biggest thrill remains seeing the enjoyment and fascination of people when handling logoloop® for the first time.

logoloop Advertising Efficiency

Advertising Efficiency

More effect than you expect
logoloop® is notably more effective than regular brochures and flyers – because the recipient engages intensively and voluntarily with your advertisement. Its unusual unfolding process raises attention levels, while the haptic interaction increases brain-activity ten-fold compared to visual advertising.

Olaf Hartmann and Coen van den Bos

The logoloop® Story

Endless Magic
logoloop® is a joint venture between the inventor and engineer Coen van den Bos and Olaf Hartmann, an expert in multisensory marketing. Together, they aim to make advertising more fun, to fascinate people and to let them experience the values a brand embodies. Coen and Hartmann were inspired by the original Magic Cube® endless folding cube. They tried to transpose the power of endless folding objects into an easy-to-customize two-dimensional shape. But all the experts doubted, that it could be done at all...

logoloop Sustainability and Quality

Sustainability & Quality

logoloop® is all about the details. Experience has taught us to pay fine attention to all aspects of its production, use, and re-use. We want to maximize its impact as a communications tool, but minimnize its impact on the environment. Sustainably sourced materials and energy-efficient production methods ensure that our products comply with strictest ecological industry standards.

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