Advertising effect

More effect than you expect

logoloop® is far more effective than conventional mailings, flyers, and printed ads. The fact that it is fun to play with makes people actually want to handle logoloop®. Its wonderful workings are as baffling as they are captivating, a real attention-grabber. Best of all, handling logoloop® increases neural activity in the brain. Scientific research has confirmed that ten times more neural activity takes place in the brain when handling a promo item than when merely seeing an ad.

logoloop Story

The logoloop® Story

Endless Magic

logoloop® is a joint project carried out by the inventor/engineer Coen van den Bos and the haptics expert Olaf Hartmann. Together, they sought a way to increase the fun factor of advertising, to captivate people and with that to make the values of a brand implicitly perceivable. Having already discovered the endlessly folding Magic Cube®, the two of them fell under the spell of the fascinating technique and found themselves wanting to recreate the magic in two-dimensional and easily variable paper form. Experts viewed the idea with scepticism.

Quality, Production and Environment

Quality, Production & Environment

Attention to Detail & Eco-Awareness

logoloop® is all about attention to detail. Experience has taught us never to underestimate the importance of even the tiniest things – they mean everything! Exceptional quality is ensured by optimising even the seemingly unimportant. In addition, while we constantly strive to ensure logoloop® has the biggest possible impact on the world of communications, we equally seek to keep its impact on the environment as light as we can. Use of sustainable raw materials and energy-efficient production processes ensure that logoloop® even manages to look after the environment.