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  • Festival Of Marketing Logo
    „logoloop is one of the most successful show mailers we have used, generating lots of positive feedback and interest. We were especially thrilled when a new prospect filmed and twittered their opening of the mailer! It’s one of the most powerful recommendations when an advocate rather than we ourselves shares their delight of our marketing.“

    Danielle Redwood
    General manager, Festival of Marketing, UK
  • Macys Logo
    „The cards are great! People read and fold and reread them. Your team handled the many details of this order well, the printing and also the expedited shipping and delivery. The ease of delivery was especially appreciated - that is often such a hassle, but you kept in contact with us and got it done fast.“

    Lynne Toy
    Customer Service, MRP Laurence Marketing, USA
  • Logo Nikon
    „The logoloops were great! We had some really positive feedback internally and externally about the creativity of this campaign."

    Rebecca Delmany
    Marketing Manager, Nikon, UK
  • Logo Infinite Energy
    „I picked them up last night and got them over to our marketing department, who opened the first box like it was Christmas. The overwhelming feedback so far is that they look great!"

    Michael Sallustio
    Project Manager, Infinite Energy, Inc.
  • Logo WMF
    „Both our sales staff and our customers have absolutely loved logoloop®. The results have exceeded all our expectations and your after-sales marketing activities are just as impressive as your pre-sales expertise.“

    Ulrich Englisch
    Leitung Werbung Objektgeschäft, WMF AG
  • Logo Colgate
    „logoloop® looked fantastic! Great quality, and it has gone down a storm! We had a lot of positive feedback from our sales staff. Hats off to whoever had this idea.“

    Usha Pillai
    Senior Product Manager, Colgate Palmolive Ltd, UK
  • Logo Sparkasse
    „In just three months we achieved net sales of credit cards that exceeded the number we had sold in the whole of last year.“

    Birgit Kornatz
    Marketingleiterin, Berliner Sparkasse
  • Logo College America
    „Our high school team was ecstatic to receive logoloops. Presenter and students alike couldn‘t put them down. They are a huge success!“

    Julie Brown
    Project Manager, Center for Excellence in Higher Education, Inc., USA
  • Logo Flexovit
    „When launching a new product in the field of industrial abrasives,there aren't many options to bring the wow factor to your product launch. logoloop® was the perfect choice to get our distributors interested in our newest product line. One of the best promotional pieces we've ever done!“

    Karen McMullen
    Marketing Coordinator, Flexovit USA, Inc.
    „As part of Mash Media’s marketing campaign for International Confex and the Event Production Show 2015 we distributed Logoloops to over 13,000 key event industry professionals, one month prior to the event. Feedback about the Logoloop’s was nothing but positive, and we are confident that these contributed towards the 23% increase in footfall at both events in comparison to the year before.“

    Liz Agostini
    Event Director, Mash Media, UK
  • Logo Cleveland Golf
    „The response from everyone within the organization as well as from clients has been very positive. Once people get one of these in their hands, they don’t want to put it down. They are completely mesmerized by the experience. It definitely is unlike anything anybody has seen before, and we love the product!“

    Ryan Polanco
    Merchandiser, Roger Cleveland Golf Company, Inc., USA

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