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Haptic doping for pharmacy sales - without any side effects!

The initial situation: There is fierce competition in the pharmacy distribution of OTC products. Introducing customers to care systems is a good way for sustainable growth.
The task: to develop a haptic sales aid that enables pharmacists to explain the principle and advantages of the SeniCare care system in a time-efficient and convincing way.
The solution: A logoloop® continuous folding card as a sales aid in the point-of-sale package for pharmacies. The logoloop® explains the system in four steps and helps customers to make the right decision for you.
The result: 15% increase in sales in the first 8 weeks of the promotional period.

The Facts

SeniCare counselling became more efficient, easier and more successful.
  • Industry:
  • Client:
    TZMO Germany Ltd.
  • Services:
    Concept, graphics, text and media production
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"The logoloop® card was a central element of our promotion and inspired both our staff and the pharmacists."

Agata Henkel
Head of Marketing & Communication
TZMO Germany Ltd.

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