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logoloop mailing doubles new registrations

The initial situation: EMP Merchandising Handelsgesellschaft was founded in 1986 by fans for fans and has since become the leading e-commerce company in rock & entertainment merchandising in Europe. The bond between EMP and its customers is close; as early as 2013, a customer loyalty programme with numerous customer benefits was established with the "Backstage Club". Accordingly, it was challenging to win even more members for the club.
The task: to persuade target groups derived from a market segmentation to join the Backstage Club and to bind them closely in the long term.
The solution: Under the core creative idea "Your passion. Your advantages. Your Club." an elaborately designed logoloop® mailing provided the coherent and emotionalising framework to present the benefits of membership step by step. New members received a free one-year membership and a welcome discount on their first order as a Backstage Club member.
The result: conversion and purchase rates were tracked via individual access codes on the last logoloop page: the mailing led to a response increase of almost 100% compared to the previous year's mailing.

The Facts

Club benefits staged, mailing impact increased by 90%.
  • Industry:
    Clothing and accessories
  • Client:
    E.M.P. Merchandising
  • Services:
    Media production
  • Media:

"The success of the project illustrates that well-staged haptics and a strong partner can make all the difference in the creative communication of content. And with Touchmore, you are well advised when it comes to haptic communication."

Marco Götz
Junior Marketing Manager
E.M.P. Merchandising

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