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Insurance benefits explained with augmented reality, +100% sales

The initial situation: When the keyword "insurance" is mentioned, many people's eyelids quickly fall shut: it's about money, laws and solutions to problems that need explaining and that people prefer to suppress. This makes it all the more important to present the advantages in an attractive way.
The task: SIGNAL IDUNA's sales force and brokers should get to know the product improvements of the new income protection insurance. The core message: SI Work-Life - As individual as your life. For (financial) freedom in case of emergency.
The solution: An endless card is ideal for reifying abstract facts and brings abstract concepts such as "freedom" and "flexibility" into an intuitively tangible form through the folding movement. The AR functionality ensures that the sales force playfully engages with the topic and the services and enjoys doing so. New terms, product highlights and variants are thus communicated in a sustainable manner. This gives confidence - also in dealing with the customer.
The result: After initial scepticism on the part of some brokers, enthusiasm quickly spread in sales due to the experience gained in customer contact. Within the first 6 months of 2020, almost twice as many insurance policies were concluded as in the comparable period of the previous year. The insurance brokers reported that customers remarkably rarely discuss the price after the presentation.

The Facts

Quality of sales talks increased
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    Signal Iduna
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    Consulting, concept, text, graphics, creation, production, AR
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    logoloop® with augmented reality

"The sales department was really enthusiastic and we were able to double the sales of Work-Life in 6 months. An almost unbelievable result."

Detlef Tripp
Head of Marketing Life and Pensions
Signal Iduna

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