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Value communication for current accounts

The initial situation: In the low interest rate phase, price adjustments of account services are vital for most financial institutions. But how do you communicate this information to your customers?
The task: The task was to develop a communication and sales concept that would ensure the acceptance of the changed giro models both internally and externally. In addition, the concept should sustainably increase the use of account services.
The solution: With the help of logoloop, the bank reactivated the cooperative idea: "The bank is WE". The services were communicated in a new way, away from the price and towards the value for people. The new account models were explained interactively with logoloop cards.
The result: For 73% of existing customers, the price adjustment was understandable. Negative reactions were almost completely absent.

The Facts

Price adjustment comprehensible for 73% of existing customers
  • Industry:
    Banks and insurance companies
  • Client:
    VR-Bank Neu-Ulm
  • Services:
    Consulting, concept, text, graphics, production
  • Media:

"logoloop® is something employees like to use because its persuasive power works on both loyal and potential new customers. Accordingly, the sales figures of new accounts have also developed significantly positively since the launch in November 2016."

Thomas Hörz
Head of Marketing and Communication
VR-Bank Neu-Ulm

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